Workwear Wednesdays

Every day I struggle with what to wear to work. I would love to be the person who plans in advance but sometimes I wake up feeling uninspired. Often we have lots of clothes but we just need a little inspiration on matching different items inside our own wardrobes.

Kicking off from today, every Wednesday I will give you a roundup of ideas on what to wear to work #workwearwednesdays and this week I have my eye on a few pieces from H&M, River Island and ASOS!


1. H&M striped trousers:

2. H&M wrap dress:

3. H&M long sleeve blouse:

Screenshot 2017-07-11 22.47.35.png

4. H&M Sleeveless blouse:

5. H&M jumpsuit:

6. River Island lace top:

7. ASOS tailored culottes:

8. French Connection shirt:

Back in action

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination
— William Longgood

Dress | Zara 

The past few weeks and months have been non-stop. To the point where life was so busy I finally decided to stop making plans, at least for one weekend. I wanted a weekend that I could decide at the last minute to do something - or not. I think everyone needs a time out to recharge and I am not an exception. If I don't feel like I am in control of my life, I become really unhappy, so I always have to remind myself of the hobbies and interests I love and to never give those up. 

My interests in no particular order are; writing, business, marketing, fashion, art, photography, travel and food. I also love being outside so when the sun is shining I will never be indoors, unless I have to work. 

Aside from recharging the batteries after a couple of busy weeks, I also know where I get my energy from - and it's from people. Do you ever have those great conversations with new people you just met, or old friends catching up after a long time and come away with so much energy? Well, that is exactly what I thrive on. 

It's important to firstly understand what interests you and next understand how you can do that more often, and understand the things that give you energy. 

I am not an expert, but if I can give one piece of advice that would be to get to know "you". <insert laughing emoji> because that sounds a  little too deep but, once you find out what makes you tick, what gives your energy and what ultimately makes you happy - you can focus on doing that every single day. 

Does anyone remember the "wear sunscreen" song by Baz Luhrmann? 

 Aside from that one very important message to "wear sunscreen", this is one of my favourite parts. If you are constantly worrying about the future - don't! 

"Don't worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind."