Summer in Sicily

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see
— G.K Chesterton

Once I saw a couple of photos of the accommodation in Sicily, I booked within a couple of minutes. We stayed in Ortigia, Syracuse which is about a 45-minute drive from Catania airport. You definitely need to drive to see the area, but if you don't drive, I would recommend pre-arranging your transport from the airport. Upon arrival, we had dinner by the pool at the hotel and decided to explore Ortigia the next day. Ortigia is an amazing town that you can easily walk around although it does have a few hills and steps! There are plenty of shops from designer to high street, but my favourite part was the selection of restaurants. 

Make your way to the Duomo square, and there are lots of great places on the side streets of the square and a few on the square. 

My favourite restaurants in Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily:

Oinos di Ivo Vatti
We tried the Octopus salad to start - and I am not adventurous with trying the different food, but I decided I needed to try. I was pleasantly surprised, even though I don't think I would eat it every week, or every year! But maybe once in a while. Our second course was pasta, and it was one of my favourite dishes. 

Ristorante Regina Lucia
Located at Duomo Square, you are treated to a glass of prosecco while taking a look through the menu. You can choose a tasting menu or the regular menu. There is everything from fresh fish to pasta as well as one of the best wine lists. 

The restaurant is lined with lemon trees and is a great place for a pre-dinner drink or to have food. Relaxed atmosphere with really great service. Again, I recommend the pasta. Italy just has the best pasta that it is really hard not to try it!

On the second last day, we drove to Taormina which is about 1 hour from Catania so a 2-hour drive from Ortigia. It is the most beautiful village built on hills and cliffs, and you need to get a cable car down to the beach. The most idyllic location, I would have loved to spend more time there. 

For food, sunshine and relaxation, I can't recommend Sicily enough and in particular Syracuse and Taormina.