Tips To Reaching Your Goals

I have always loved writing because it takes me into my own world. A world of dreams and where everything is somewhat perfect. We all know life isn’t perfect, but it is up to us to make life what we want it to be. Rather than waiting for January 1st to spark new years resolutions I continuously set new goals for myself. I tend to revisit the goals every 2-3 months. 

I think it is important to write down the things you really want to achieve, document it but put it away and give yourself a chance. We all need time to reach our goals! 

Three key tips I remind myself when trying to work towards my goals:

1. Be realistic but shoot for the stars.
2. Mind over matter, you can do anything you set your mind to.
3. Have fun and enjoy the journey. If you aren't having fun working towards your goals, maybe you should change direction and rethink what you are doing. Life is too short. Enjoy the journey. 

The most important aspect to achieving goals is persistence. Perseverance is the key to success. And the measurement of success is up to you. You might have a goal to set up a blog, to learn how to edit videos or maybe it is to reach 10,000 followers. There are many different ways to achieve those goals so choose the path you enjoy the most. 

Recently I injured my knee, and it meant I couldn’t run for a while. Running helped me to chase away any stress and strains from the day. I started going to physiotherapy, and I and I'm slowly getting back to normal. However, when I injured my knee, it made my look really closely at how I was taking care of myself. Only you can do it. 

Aside from your physical health, it is equally important to take care of your mental health. Understand what causes stress
for you and what you can do to ease it. Music, meeting up with friends, writing and anything creative helps keep me sane.

Creating new outfits, buying new clothes and styling makes me happy.  When I saw these green trousers from H&M, I was unsure if they would suit me.  But once I tried them on I wanted them! They are comfortable as well as bring a pop of colour to a plain white shirt. I have some travel coming up next month, and these will be perfect for the long plane journey. 


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